Takeaway Menu

Antipasti - Starter

Bruschetta £4.50
Tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil, olive oil, served on bread.
Tricolore £4.95
Avocado, mozzarella & tomato salad
Funghi di basco £4.75
Sautéed mushrooms with tomatoes, mozzarella and garlic.
Mozzarella in carrozza £4.75
Fried mozzarella on rocket served with spicy tomato dip.
Calamari fritti £6.50
Fried calamari, served with rocket, lemon and tartar sauce.
Avocado e gamberi £6.50
Avocado and prawns in a creamy tangy sauce.
Caprino caldo £5.90
Warm goat’s cheese, served with grilled vegetables.
Zuppa di minestone £4.50
The original Italian vegetable soup, served with crusty bread.

Insalata - Salads

Al pollo scatenato £8.95
Strips of chicken, avocado, bacon, cherry tomatoes, on a bed of mixed
leaves with a creamy homemade dressing.
Mediterranea £8.95
Tuna, olives, cucumber, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, served on a
bed of mixed leaves with a rich balsamic dressing.
Gamberoni primavera £9.25
King prawns sautéed in garlic, served on a mixed leaf salad with cherry tomatoes,
green beans and sweet chilli dressing.


Choose your pasta – Penne, Spaghetti, or Tagliatelli
Gluten Free pasta – Penne, Fusilli
Choose your sauce from below:-
Bolognese £7.95
A rich mince beef sauce full of flavour with a hint of fresh basil. A true Italian classic.
Maresciallo £8.75
Spicy salami, onion, garlic and chilli simmered in a light tomato sauce.
Carbonara £8.25
Pancetta, eggs, cream, with a hint of nutmeg and parmesan cheese.
Professore £8.75
Sweet parma ham, mushrooms and a splash of brandy fused with a creamy tomato sauce.
Paesana £8.75
Pan-fried chicken pieces, fresh mushrooms and onion simmered in a white wine
& cream sauce.
Salsiccia £8.75
Spicy Italian sausages cooked in mixed mushroom white wine sauce.
Con palpette £8.75
Fresh mince beef rolled into balls and simmered in a rich tomato sauce.
Della zia £8.25
Courgettes, mushrooms, broccoli, onion and cherry tomatoes sautéed in garlic
& rich olive oil.
Alla norma £8.25
Cubed and lightly fried aubergines, simmered in a thick tomato sauce, topped with
fresh mozzarella.
Arrabiata £7.25
A rich and fresh tomato sauce, garlic and chilli. A true devils delight.
Napoletana £7.25
Sweet tomatoes and fresh basil, sautéed in a rich extra virgin olive oil.
Ravioli gustosi £8.75
Perfect parcels, filled with spinach and soft ricotta cheese in a rich tomato sauce.
Pesto £8.25
Basil, pine nuts, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a generous helping of parmesan.
4 formaggi £8.25
A rich cheese sauce made from 4 of Italy’s finest cheeses.


Posillipo £8.75
Pieces of swordfish, prawns, garlic & fresh tomatoes, finished with mint leaves
for a subtle flavour.
Al salmone £8.75
Fresh smoked salmon, splash of vodka with cream and a hint of nutmeg.
Pescatora £8.75
Mixed fish simmered in a garlic, white wine, parsley and tomato sauce.
Politici £8.75
Sauteed king prawns, courgettes, garlic and parsley, slowly cooked with cherry tomatoes.


Al pollo e zucchini £8.75
Tender pieces of chicken, sliced courgettes sautéed with onions, herbs and white wine.
Tallarina £8.75
Flavoured prawns, avocados, onions, and fresh cream with a hint of brandy.
Funghi porcini £8.75
Porcini mushrooms in a white wine sauce with a generous helping of parmesan.


Cotoletta alla Milanese £12.95
Breaded veal escalope Milan style served with spaghetti in a smooth tomato sauce.
Pollo ai funghi £11.95
Tender chicken breast cooked in its own juices with a rich creamy mushroom sauce.
Branzino £12.95
Grilled seabass with garlic, parsley, lemon and extra virgin olive oil.
Grilled Fillet steak. £19.50
Salmone fresco
Grilled salmon with cherry tomatoes and spring onion sauce. £12.95


Olives marinated in garlic £2.75 Steamed vegetables £2.75
Pane all’aglio £2.75 Green beans with garlic £2.75
Toasted bread brushed with garlic butter Chuncky chips £2.75
Mixed /Green/Tomato salad £2.75 Sauté potatoes £2.75


Tiramisu £4.50 Panna cotta £4.50
Cheesecake £4.50 Macedonia - Fruit Salad £4.50
Ice Cream Tub 500 ml - Vanilla/Chocolate Chip/Strawberry/Rum & Raisin £5.75


Cans 330ml - Coke/Diet Coke/Fanta/7Up £0.90
Bottle 1.5ltr - Coke/Diet Coke/Fanta/7Up £2.50
Bottled Mineral Water Sparkling/Still 50cl £2.20
1Ltr £3.50

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